Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wow what a day!

So many things all at once - I can't contain myself!

Today is the confirmation that my child is to be an Aries... yes!! I don't know why this was such a big thing but I like the idea of baby being the first Aries in the close family. We have a couple of Pisces, which was the other chance, but no Aries... *smiles*

I'm being published again! I got a lovely e-mail yesterday with the news that my story has been accepted for the 'Grants Pass' anthology. I'll keep you posted on that! *grins*

I'm buying my first ever guitar today... wahey! It's something I've been thinking about for a while as I have always wanted to play a musical instrument and I thought I could practice when I put baby to bed. I'm buying it in a few hours and then I'll strum a little bit for the wee one later today! *face lights up*

I'll post a picture of me and said guitar later!

For those who pass by from their blogger account, I now have a blogger account too so you can read all my Live Journal entries there too - multi-tasking I am!


Stephanie Campisi said...

All excellent news. :) I'm dying to get my guitar back. It was somehow kidnapped by my auntie, who thought it was her keyboard. Yes, a keyboard.

Make sure your guitar looks like a guitar, so that it won't suffer the same fate.

Mark Deniz said...

I'm scared now, maybe I am buying a keyboard not a guitar...

Stephanie Campisi said...

If you're really lucky, you could end up with an oboe or a bassoon. That's a one man orchestra right there.