Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fantasy Con updates

It has now been confirmed that I will be attending the Fantasy Con in Nottingham, England and Morrigan Books will launch The Even by T. A. Moore and How to Make Monsters by Gary McMahon, Saturday 20th September, 11 am, bar and dealers' room.

Voices will also be available as a pre-launch limited edition before its official launch at Conflux 5, Canberra, Australia, Saturday, October 4th 2008.

I arrive in England, 17th September and will return to Sweden 24th September. I will be staying in Nottingham 19th - 21st and will be based in Burnley, Lancashire the other dates.

It would be great to meet up with people whilst in England and if you are going to the con or are free on any of the other days then let me know and we can try and organise something.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Monsters are unleashed - How to Make Monsters available for pre-order

How to Make Monsters is available on pre-order today, with delivery during the weekend of Fantasy Con, 19th-21st September.


Voices now available for pre-order!

Please check the Voices page at Morrigan Books for all relevant details and payment options!

Press release regarding The Age of Blood & Snow

Due to contractual issues, Morrigan Books has been forced to remove The Age of Blood & Snow from its upcoming release calendar.

The anthology is to be repackaged, with a release date penned for March 2009.

More details will follow as soon as we have them.