Thursday, March 23, 2006

One of those posts...

After reading a couple of news articles and seeing a couple of LJ user's avatars, I feel the need:

McDonalds - no workers rights and low pay masters - I hate you!
Starbucks - embodiment of all that is rotten about capitalism - I hate you!
Nestlé - for child labour and for being massive arms funders - I hate you!
L'Oreal - for buying out 'The Body Shop' - I hate you!
The Body Shop - for selling out to L'Oreal - I hate you!
Chiquita - for your underhand, dodgy commercial tactics - I hate you!
Nike - for your child labour and low pay concept - I hate you!
Coca-Cola/Schweppes/Cadburys - for capitalism on a scary scale - I hate you!
Shell Oil - for thinking that Nigerian workers' lives were less important than profit - I hate you!

I thank you.

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