Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tv star... I wish!

I think this post is going to appeal more to those of a Swedish background, as today I took part in a children's quiz show, called Vi i femman (Us in the Fifth Grade), which is a popular programme in this part of the world (or so I've heard).

When I first heard about the programme I thought 'cool, I can wear my Burnley shirt and promote my home town a little!' However, that was not to be as the Swedes were determined to make this a stereotype rules kind of affair and had the three Englishman in dark suits, complete with bowler hats and umbrellas! I'd pretty much decided not to be involved at that point but Etina was determined it would be fun and pushed me in the direction of the studio.

Basically I was on screen about 30 seconds and had to read out a sentence in English that the contestants had to translate into Swedish. I felt the sentences were far too easy for the kids and they responded by getting everything right (both teams).

It was a good way of seeing how TV works as we were asked to sit there for three and half hours while waiting for our 'big' moment. We got to see how the bits and pieces fit together and TV truly is a boring industry and I'm glad I haven't moved in that direction (yet).

For those living in Sweden, if you want to see me looking like a 'proper Englishman' (which doesn't happen very often) then switch on on Good Friday, 14th April and see yours truly in action. I don't know what time it's on but I'm sure you can find out on the net, or TV magazine. If anyone has a DVD recorder is there any chance you could copy the episode as I want to send it to my family in Burnley (and give em a laugh)?

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