Monday, March 27, 2006

Disappointing Viewing

I'm a magnet for weak film and tv just at the moment and so stay away from me... no, I mean it. Over the last 20 hours I have watched:

Crash - a review will be appearing soon but how on Earth did this film win an Oscar, do middle-of-the-road mainstream films win Oscars? Oh wait a minute... don't answer that one or we'll be here all day!

Supernatural - I have been very impressed with this series although Episode 8: Bugs was a pile of junk!

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion - as I know a few of my flist across the pond aren't up to speed on this series, I won't give any spoilers here but merely say that this is one hell of an atrocious episode and I cannot understand the success of this programme if they are to keep up with this base humour, weak storylines and insipid characters.

Help, I want to watch something good (I have Wolf Creek as a film on this list and the first episode of Deadwood to watch)!

On the plus side me and the wife started our The Simpsons marathon last night with Season One, Episode One (yes we are going through all 17 seasons, one by one)! It were great!

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