Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Voices: Stage Two

I have just completed my reading and assessment of the 26 stories that were chosen by Amanda Pillar and myself to go through to the second stage of reading for possible conclusion in the Voices anthology, and I can safely say I am drained.

I could easily publish all 26 stories and to know that we have to reject some irritates me a bit.

Why not publish them all then you might ask, and it's actually a reasonable question but a question that does have an answer.

The stories that will be chosen are stories that encapsulate mine and Amanda's early ideas of the anthology and which also allow us to set the contents in a particular way to make sure that the anthology lives up to our high expectations.

There has been a lot of interest in this anthology, from writers and readers alike and many people have e-mailed me to tell me what a great idea it was in the first place.

And the idea comes from Ross Temple, from a chat in the bar at Conflux 4 in Canberra, from a story idea in a hotel room I had, which then moved to many stories in a hotel from other writers and then to co-editing with Amanda, who has put so much work into this (and Morrigan Books), with a passion and a drive that puts me to shame.

This has been, without doubt, the most rewarding project I have worked on so far as an editor and if Amanda is willing I would be very honoured to work with her again on another anthology.

Hopefully we should be able to announce the final choices soon.

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