Friday, May 09, 2008


Last night I offered to become a mentor for a rather talented young lady, who submitted something to Voices. Her story was rejected but it was very easy to see genuine writing ability and the fact that she is only 17 makes that shine through even more. (I won't name her here as she might not want the world to know that I'm helping her out, it is a bit dangerous for her future career after all...)

The young writer in question was frustrated about markets and asked if I had any tips about them. Ralan is a very obvious one, although I really love Duotrope and think their whole approach to submissions and markets is exceptional. They have been a big help to Morrigan Books and Gilgamesh Press and if you haven't got on board do it now.

I have also decided to contact one more author regarding my collection, Nex, and this is a writer that Morrigan Books has been taking a very keen interest in. I've not had a response yet but I'm really hoping she agrees as I am a huge fan of her writing and think that she would make a perfect addition to what is already a very exciting book!

Edit: I can now reveal that Carole Johnstone has agreed to work on Nex with me, this is just too good and I am so motivated now!

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